New Ideas of Biology

by Zygmunt Morawski

I am a graduate from the Faculty of Physics of Warsaw University.

After having ended the studies of physics I have studied chemistry and biology at the same university.

I have succeeded in obtaining certain results in biology, which I have written in the form of articles.

New ideas in biology should be treated seriously.

It is enough to remind us that Charles Darwin was asked: “Mr. Darwin, who of your ancestors was a monkey?”

A celebrated and otherwise meritorious and eminent professor Liebig compromised himself by the statement: “Mr. Pasteur, do you really think that anything can live in dung?”

The same Pasteur was named a “chemiatrist”.

The discovery of the structure of DNA was accepted by the scientific world with great skepticism too.

So, I ask to read carefully my articles and to come into correspondence with me on their subject. The possible correspondence should be sent to the address:


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